* Horace Traubel's WITH WALT WHITMAN IN CAMDEN - Volumes 8 & 9 - Published by W L Bentley Rare Books *
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JEANNE CHAPMAN is a writer and editor with fifteen years of experience in book and periodical publishing. After obtaining her degree in English literature, she worked in the Rare Book Room of Tulane University, and then in the Manuscript Archives Department of the Historic New Orleans Collection, where she catalogued Civil War manuscripts. She thereafter worked for the United Nations in Copenhagen, and later moved to Milan, Italy, to join the publishing firm of Franco Maria Ricci as the editor of the English language edition of FMR, a fine arts magazine. She now lives and works in Northern California.* Photo: Jeanne Chapman *
* Photo: Robert MacIsaac *ROBERT MACISAAC is a writer and editor of both literary and technical publications. Following an apprenticeship in California, he has lived and worked for the past fifteen years in Europe. Though he writes mainly for the computer industry, he is also the author of two volumes of poetry and a collection of short stories. Mr. MacIsaac participates as actor and dramaturge with the Apollo Theatre Company in Northern California and France. He now lives and works in Northern California.