* With Walt Whitman in Camden by Horace Traubel *
* Photo: Walt Whitman * * Photo: Horace Traubel *

IN 1888, HORACE L. TRAUBEL, a young political radical and aspiring writer in Camden, New Jersey, began systematically recording his daily conversations with his friend, Walt Whitman. He continued for four years, until Whitman's death in 1892, amassing a lovingly detailed record whose accuracy, fidelity, and immediacy remain unsurpassed in the history of biography. Volumes 8 & 9 of With Walt Whitman in Camden present a firsthand account of the final year of Whitman's life. Like the previous volumes in the series, they are a virtual transcript of the daily conversations between Whitman and Traubel, describing Whitman's thoughts and opinions, the arrivals and departures of visitors from all over the world, articles and letters he received and wrote, and hundreds of details of his life on Mickle Street in Camden. Traubel was able to publish only three volumes of his planned series before his death in 1919. Since then, a succession of editors has continued his massive project. One by one, four further volumes were made available to the public, but of these, all but Volume 7 are now out of print and have become rarities, seen only occasionally on library shelves and in booksellers catalogs. These final two volumes mark the long-awaited completion of "the most truthful biography in the language." Nevertheless, they stand easily on their own, giving the reader direct access to some of the most poignant, moving moments in the poet's life.

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With Walt Whitman in Camden, Volumes 8 & 9
by Horace Traubel

VOL. 8: 636 pp, hardbound, photographs / VOL. 9: 676 pp, hardbound, photographs

$99.50 (Two-volume set)
SET ISBN 0-9653415-4-2

Available directly from the Publisher:
PO Box 887 - Oregon House, CA 95962
T: (530) 692-2160 / E: click here