Book Design

Classical proportions & understated elegance inform my book designs. Hands-on experience with a wide range of book-production technologies, from hot metal to waxed phototype to digital PostScript layouts and back to photopolymer letterpress plates, lets me choose with confidence the appropriate methods for your special project.

Small & Private Editions

With recent advances in print-on-demand (POD) technologies, small or private publishers now can enjoy the same commercial-quality book printing that was previously available only to companies willing to invest in print-runs in the hundreds or thousands of copies. This has opened the door to niche publishers, who can now present their special texts to the public at a greatly reduced cost, and with correspondingly lower risk.

Whether you have a personal memoire, a family history, a specialized technical publication, or that volume of poems you've always wanted to see in print, I can help. I will transform your raw text into a professionally designed book, ready to be printed or distributed as an e-book.

When you are ready, and let's discuss your publishing project.