Web Development

Do you want to:

  • Create a basic brochure website or a blog?
  • Set up a sophisticated CMS publishing solution or a wiki?
  • Prepare templates for HTML email campaigns?

I can offer you my services as a consultant for your small or large web projects.

Web Design Style

My website designs tend toward the typographic. Clean, elegant, easily maintained sites with careful use of color, fonts, and white space. Well-structured, hand-crafted HTML with CSS styling and judicious use of unobtrusive Javascript, when appropriate. (This site is hand coded in static HTML pages with CSS styling, for fastest response time.)

Web Applications

Modern web-based applications can offer small businesses advanced tools and services at a relatively low cost, without the need for expensive hardware purchases. Sophisticated web applications can replace or augment many traditional desktop programs.

  • Content management systems (CMSs), like Drupal and WordPress, can be configured so you can update your own website content without having to learn complex coding languages.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) applications, such as Salesforce or even MailChimp, can centralize customer contact information and manage business communications, including styled HTML marketing emails or newsletters.
  • Wikis such as MediaWiki centralize your internal knowledgebase and allow for collaborative editing and automatic version control.
  • eCommerce sites display your products in an online store and securely accept orders from customers through secure payment gateways.

Email Template Design

Standardized email templates rarely meet the design needs of discerning marketers. Designing and adapting email templates requires a special subset of web design skills. Successful HTML emails depend on attention to image handling, font control, inline CSS styles, text-only versions, and navigating around the peculiar limitations of various email clients. Unskilled designers can give an unprofessional appearance to your message. I can help you deliver clean, readable, and attractive email communications to your audience.

Custom Web Development

Few open-source web applications can be used “out of the box.” I have experience installing and customizing LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Python) based applications. Installing code on Linux servers, tweaking Apache server configurations, managing MySQL databases, and customizing Python and PHP code, while not simple, are all second nature to me. Lately, I've been exploring how to build web applications using various Python frameworks: Flask, Pyramid, and of course Django. If you have an idea for a web application that doesn't fit into any of the more general categories above, let’s talk. I may be able to help with that as well.

To discuss your particular requirements, and how I can help, now.